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* To help maintain our schedule, we ask that our patients not use VWR to sign in for annual exams, chronic medical conditions or mood-related complaints as these visits typically take longer and we prefer allow for a longer appointments for these issues.

When to Visit Our Clinic for Urgent Care

Flu Cough Head Icon

Flu and Flu Like Symptoms

Body aches | High fever

Stomach Icon

GI Complaints

Stomach flu | Nausea | Reflux / Heartburn

Band Aid Icon


Abrasions | Skin Infections | Minor Burns

Crutches Icon

Broken Bones

Sprains & Strains | Muskuloskeletal issues & injuries

Kidney Icon

Renal Problems

Urinary tract | Kidney infection

Medical Pill Icon

Quick Med Refill

(not controlled substances)

Running Man Icon


School, pre-employment

Syringe Icon


Most adult & pediatric vaccines (over 4 years old)

Large or significantly contaminated wound

Lungs Icon

Upper Respiratory Illness

Allergies | Congestion | Cough | Sinus infection

Anatomical Man Icon

Skin Conditions

Rashes | Insect stings & bites

Ear Icon

Ear Complaints

Ear Infection | Ear wax removal | Foreign body removal

Ear Icon

STD Check

Full STD checks & treatments

When You Should Visit the Emergency Room

Check Mark

Sudden or severe headache / head injury

Large or significantly contaminated wound

Coughing / vomiting up blood

Signs / symptoms of stroke

Signs / symptoms of anaphylaxis

Suicidal thoughts

Check Mark

Sudden shortness of breath

Vaginal Bleeding w/ pregnancy

Chest pain or symptoms of a heart attack

Alcohol / Drug overdose

Serious burns

Sudden loss of vision

When to take your child to the Emergency Room

Check Mark


Difficulty breathing

Blue lips, tongue, skin tone

Ingestion of of toxic chemicals / substance / prescription drug written for someone else

Change in mental status